A Story is a Promise

A Story 
is a Promise

A half hour presentation on my a story is a promise concepts can be viewed at YouTube.

The fourth edition of A Story is a Promise and The Spirit of Storytelling is available in trade paperback for $17.99, which includes media mail shipping in the U.S. No overseas shipping.

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My reviews and critiques are meant to help writers fix common story problems and help create stories that engage and satisfy an audience, and to teach how to write a movie script and how to write a novel.

I have three levels of service.

Notes on a 120 page screenplay run 2-3 pages. I offer comments on story structure, some line editing, and my recommendations. Cost, $75; $85 if a script is emailed to me for printing and return mailing in the US. Time line for Notes is a week.

A Review of a 120 page screenplay includes 5-7 pages of single-spaced notes. It goes over a story's structure, some line editing on the page, and my recommendations. Cost, $150. Time line for a review is ten days.

A Critique of a 120 page screenplay includes 12-18 pages of notes. It includes a page by page breakdown of what I find in the script, plus a review. Cost, $250. Time line, two weeks.

Notes on the first three chapters of a novel (or first 50 pages), $75. Includes 2-3 pages of feedback, some line editing.

A Review of a novel up to 80,000 words is $250. I charge $1 for every 300 words over 80,000. Review runs 6-8 pages. Time line, two weeks.

Novel Critique, $400. Critique runs 12-16 pages.

Query and Synopsis Review, $25.

I also review plays and charge according to their length.

I do not review television scripts or poetry, nor do I buy or sell scripts to Hollywood studios.

I encourage those who can't afford a review or a critique to consider taking a community education class offered by many community colleges. Such classes can be an inexpensive way to get feedback on one's writing.

For more information about my review services, contact me at bjscript@teleport.com

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