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My reviews and critiques are meant to help writers fix common story problems and help create stories that engage and satisfy an audience, whether you're trying to write a movie script or write or self-publish a novel.

I have three levels of service for how to write a movie script.

Notes on a 120 page screenplay run 2-3 pages. I offer comments on story structure, some line editing, and my recommendations. Cost, $75; $85 if a script is emailed to me for printing and return mailing in the US. Time line for Notes is a week. Notes are good for someone with experience writing scripts.

A Review of a 120 page screenplay includes 5-7 pages of single-spaced notes. It goes over a story's structure, more line editing on the page, and my recommendations. There's more nitty-gritty about how to write a movie scriopt. Cost, $150. Time line for a review is ten days. This is more for first-time script writers.

"I have never reviewed anything on Amazon before but I feel so indebted to Bill Johnson that I have to give him a review. I went to a big name film school for college and throughout the entire 4 years and thousands of dollars, I never learned more about storytelling then I did reading this 3 dollar kindle book. Bill Johnson really gives you the map to the maze. After 6 years of making movies, I had some idea on what made a story work and what didn't, but Bill Johnson really gives the theoretical groundwork to what makes a story resonate with an audience. Not only did the book corroborate some ideas that I already had but enriched them and gave me so much more to think about. Thank You Bill!"

Notes on the first three chapters of a novel (or first 50 pages), $75. Includes 2-3 pages of feedback, some line editing. The basic problems in most manuscripts are a lack of a clear introduction of a story's promise, defining the main character's dramatic truths, and setting the story moving forward. Notes are designed to help with that.

A Review of a novel up to 80,000 words is $200. I charge $1 for every 300 words over 80,000. Review runs 6-8 pages. Time line, two weeks.

Query and Synopsis Review, $25.

I do not review television scripts or poetry, nor do I buy or sell scripts to Hollywood studios.

For more information about my review services, contact me at bjscript@teleport.com

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